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posted Feb 22, 2017, 5:21 PM by Noahs Emmaus
We are "15 days" away from Women''s Walk #184 and to date we 
have only 18 Pilgrims signed up. 
These numbers are a shaky 18 because 2 are carryovers from a 
previous walk that didn't attend. 
We have been told there are two more applications in the mail. 
Even with those we could still end up with only 18!
Please be advised we are required to have 20 Pilgrims to have a Walk!  
If you know someone that is contemplating going on the Walk, 
then please contact Shari Coston at 
501-282-7824  or email:  sharicoston@gmail.com  IMMEDIATELY!! 
Pilgrim and Sponsor Applications with the Pilgrim walk fee is 
required to be in two weeks prior to the Walk! We are down to 
the count and, Emmaus Family, this is crucial that we get these 
Pilgrims signed up NOW so that Walk #184 can happen!!!

Also, Men's Walk #185 have only 10 Pilgrims signed up with 5 names 
being carried over from previous walks and need to be confirmed 
that they will attend! 
The Men's Walk numbers are are of great concern!  
Please get those names in ASAP! 

We have the two Lay Directors that have put their time/effort, 
heart and much prayer putting together God's Walks! The 
Women's Walk have had their practices and the Men's Walk 
will soon do likewise!

We all know God has the Big Plan, but He calls us to do our part! 
It''s time for each of us to be in fervent PRAYER, PRAYER, PRAYER!
Let's rise up to this challenge with Faith, Action, and Perseverance to 
make this happen for not only the Pilgrims but for the Glory of God!