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Letter from our new 2018 chair

posted Jan 25, 2018, 3:12 PM by Noahs Emmaus

Emmaus Community

Happy New Year Brothers and Sisters. As we begin 2018, may we seek to please our Lord in everything we do. The first meeting of the Board of Directors occurred on this past Saturday and it was a lovely experience for all present.

The Board has approved multiple appointments, some of which are yet to be confirmed, but those that have been affirmed and approved are as follows:

Ken Pearson will serve as the Treasurer of the Noah's of Ark Walk to Emmaus.

Marilyn Hockaday will serve as the Secretary for the Noah's of Ark Walk to Emmaus

Jo Bowie and Sherry Shearer will serve as the web site manager/database manger and communication specialist.

Wade Townsend has been appointed to fill a vacancy on the Board and likewise will be serving as the Chair of the Team Selection Committee.

The Team Selection Committee will have three additions: Rick Gartner, Tim Staley and Linda Rimele or Tia Dunn, whichever is available and willing to serve.

Mary Ann Harper has agreed to assume the role vacated by Nancy Scott as the Prayer Coordinator. Please be patient with her as we educate her on the process and mechanics

Brenda Purifoy and Jo Bowie will be responsible for Chrysalis for the next year. Both of these wonderful ladies have worked the recent Flight and are excited about the newfound desires among the young women of our multiple churches. They are seriously discussing the possibility of having a boy's flight during the "dead week" for athletics, sometime in late June or early July. 

Other members of the Board have assumed specific responsibilities and are more than willing to serve this year. We are all anxiously waiting the arrival of the new "guidelines" that are in a bound volume and on the way to us.

Please continue to pray for the upcoming Walks and please apply the work where you can. As we move forward in 2018, let us rejoice in our willing servanthood to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May His grace bless you and keep you In His Grip.

Chris Walthall, Board Chair