Online Servant Application

Sign up to Work an Emmaus Walk, Chrysalis Flight or Face 2 Face Encounter

If you would like to work, please submit an application.  You do this by scrolling down this page to see each form.  Then click anywhere in the window of the application you want to submit and either scroll down or use the tab button to move through the data entry fields.

 All applications will be reviewed by the members of team selection along with the lay director for that walk or flight about 4 months prior to the walk or flight date.  Selected applicants will be place on the lay directors call list.  The lay director will then start making phone calls to notify each servant that they have been selected, the position they are being asked to serve in and if they are still able to serve.  You may not hear about selection for several months but there is no need to resubmit your application.  
Please note that when agreeing to be a servant for a walk or flight, you are agreeing to participate by attending all scheduled practices, serving throughout the entire weekend of the walk or flight and paying the team fee.  Currently the team fee for serving on a walk is $160 and for serving on a flight is $75.