Fellow members of the Noahs of Ark community,

My name is Burt Ragland, and I have the honor of being elected president of our organization for 2016.  I am a pharmacist and live in Stuttgart.  I have served as a board member for NOA for the past two years, and was elected last fall to serve as president this year.  I ask for your prayers as the board seeks to serve God''s will through our work in this community.

I would like to introduce the following newly elected members of our board.  Our NOA bylaws instruct us to elect each fall one member from each of our five geographic regions.  They will serve 3-year terms.

Northwest Arkansas:  Drew Boyles (Bigelow)
Northeast Arkansas:  Faye Owens (Heber Springs)
Central Arkansas:  Becky Vaughn-Holsted (North Little Rock)
Southwest Arkansas:  Shari Coston (Hot Springs)
Southeast Arkansas:  John Martin (Brinkley)

In addition, Carolyn Gray (Jacksonville) was elected vice-president of our board for 2016.  Carolyn is serving her 2nd year of a 3-year term.

There is much work to be done.  We have two Chrysalis Flights and five Walks to Emmaus scheduled this year.  We are engaged in Lay Director training today.  We have committees to form to do the management work.  We will review our bylaws and standing rules to ensure they comply with the guidelines from the Upper Room in Nashville, with whom we have a covenant relationship to conduct the Walks and Flights and other business.  We depend on our community  members in all ways so that we continue to grow and strengthen, ever working to be more in line with God''s desires.  We ask you to seek pilgrims and caterpillars, sponsor them, participate in reunion groups, serve on committees when asked, and pray for God''s grace in all that we do.

De Colores,

Women's Walk #179 currently has openings for pilgrims.

Men's Walk #180 currently has openings for pilgrims.

Please get any applications with sponsor form and walk fee to the registrar so we can fill these walks up.

Empowering Leaders through Emmaus & Chrysalis to be the hands and feet of Christ

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